Work and Play

Sports machine embroidery designs. Whether it be a hobby, leisure, recreational or die hard sport, this category covers them all.

Basketball Mini

Embroidery Design Sizes 1.00"W X 1.00"H 1299 stitches 1.50"W X 1.50"H 2611 stitches 1.70"W X 1.70"H 3262 stitches 2.00"W X 2.00"H 4317 stitches... more info

Camping in tent

Embroidery design sizes 3.70""W X 3.70""H 14386 stitches 4.00""W X 3.99""H 16269 stitches 4.50""W X 4.49""H 19246 stitches 5.00""W X 4.99""H 22687... more info

Fishing for trouble

Embroidery Design Sizes 3.70"W X 3.18"H 10610 stitches 4.00"W X 3.44"H 11430 stitches 4.50"W X 3.86"H 12816 stitches 5.00"W X 4.29"H 14215 stitches... more info

Mini Backhoe

Embroidery Design Sizes 1.50"W X 0.85"H 2358 stitches 1.70"W X 0.96"H 2709 stitches 2.00"W X 1.13"H 3264 stitches 2.50"W X 1.40"H 4303 stitches .pes... more info


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