Sayings and Word Art

A variety of embroidery design word art and cute and funny sayings for everyone.

A little classy lots of sassy

Embroidery Design Sizes 3.70"W X 3.69"H 13221 stitches 4.00"W X 3.99"H 14085 stitches 4.50"W X 4.49"H 15707 stitches 5.00"W X 4.99"H 16772 stitches... more info

Adorable word art

Embroidery Design Sizes 2.00""W X 1.00""H 3013 stitches 2.50""W X 1.25""H 3774 stitches 3.00""W X 1.50""H 4490 stitches 3.50""W X 1.74""H 5223... more info

Baby bear

Embroidery Design Sizes 2.98"W X 3.50"H 9948 stitches 3.40"W X 4.00"H 11523 stitches 3.84"W X 4.50"H 13469 stitches 4.26"W X 5.00"H 15212 stitches... more info

Baby it's cold outside

Embroidery design sizes 3.50""W X 3.22""H 12925 stitches 4.00""W X 3.67""H 14737 stitches 4.50""W X 4.13""H 16438 stitches 5.00""W X 4.59""H 18404... more info

Beauty and brains

Embroidery design sizes 3.29""W X 3.70""H 11517 stitches 3.55""W X 4.00""H 12455 stitches 3.99""W X 4.50""H 14116 stitches 4.44""W X 5.00""H 15645... more info

Bee you tiful

Embroidery Design Sizes 3.50"W X 3.38"H 9919 stitches 4.00"W X 3.87"H 11582 stitches 4.50"W X 4.35"H 13123 stitches 4.86"W X 4.70"H 14189 stitches... more info

Berry sassy

Embroidery Design Sizes 3.14""W X 3.70""H 11138 stitches 3.40""W X 4.00""H 12246 stitches 3.82""W X 4.50""H 13962 stitches 4.24""W X 5.00""H 15904... more info

Big Bro

Embroidery Design Sizes 3.68""W X 3.70""H 15434 stitches 4.22""W X 4.25""H 18664 stitches 4.70""W X 4.75""H 21522 stitches 7.56""W X 7.70""H 41766... more info

Big bro applique

Embroidery Design Sizes 3.69""W X 3.70""H 10606 stitches 4.23""W X 4.25""H 12227 stitches 4.70""W X 4.73""H 13625 stitches 7.57""W X 7.70""H 21311... more info

Big brother has paws

Embroidery Design Sizes 3.56""W X 3.70""H 12228 stitches 4.00""W X 4.16""H 13437 stitches 4.25""W X 4.42""H 14425 stitches 4.70""W X 4.89""H 16484... more info

Big sister has paws

Embroidery Design Sizes 3.64""W X 3.70""H 10227 stitches 3.93""W X 4.00""H 10869 stitches 4.42""W X 4.50""H 12109 stitches 4.91""W X 5.00""H 14879... more info

Biscuits and gravy

Embroidery Design Sizes 3.70""W X 2.72""H 10344 stitches 4.00""W X 2.95""H 11089 stitches 4.50""W X 3.31""H 12511 stitches 5.00""W X 3.67""H 13860... more info

Bless our nest

Embroidery Design Sizes 3.21""W X 3.70""H 10134 stitches 3.47""W X 4.00""H 11026 stitches 3.90""W X 4.50""H 12332 stitches 4.33""W X 5.00""H 13645... more info

Bloom and grow

Embroidery design sizes 3.68""W X 3.70""H 11474 stitches 4.22""W X 4.25""H 13462 stitches 4.70""W X 4.74""H 15317 stitches 5.70""W X 5.74""H 19304... more info

Brother bear

Embroidery Design Sizes 2.98"W X 3.50"H 9649 stitches 3.41"W X 4.00"H 11095 stitches 3.84"W X 4.50"H 12751 stitches 4.26"W X 5.00"H 14504 stitches... more info

Cat mom

Embroidery design sizes 3.50""W X 3.14""H 9978 stitches 4.00""W X 3.59""H 11925 stitches 4.50""W X 4.03""H 13887 stitches 5.00""W X 4.48""H 15889... more info

Chaos coordinator

Embroidery design sizes 3.70""W X 2.31""H 8157 stitches 4.25""W X 2.66""H 9193 stitches 5.00""W X 3.13""H 10683 stitches 6.53""W X 4.08""H 14133... more info

Coffee is a hug in a mug

Embroidery design sizes 2.95""W X 3.70""H 12978 stitches 3.38""W X 4.25""H 14869 stitches 3.98""W X 5.00""H 17417 stitches 4.70""W X 5.91""H 21017... more info

Coffee stronger than toddler

Embroidery design sizes 3.46""W X 3.50""H 14805 stitches 3.95""W X 4.00""H 16983 stitches 4.44""W X 4.50""H 19269 stitches 4.93""W X 5.00""H 21358... more info

Cookie boss

Embroidery design sizes 3.70""W X 3.03""H 9898 stitches 4.00""W X 3.27""H 10913 stitches 4.50""W X 3.69""H 12851 stitches 5.00""W X 4.09""H 14748... more info


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