Mini Designs

Mini machine embroidery designs that are for smaller crafting projects. Perfect sizes for hats, pockets, design elements and more.
Mini Rabbit FaceMini Rabbit Face

Mini Rabbit Face

Embroidery Design Sizes 1.50"W X 1.27"H 2475 stitches 1.70"W X 1.44"H 2914 stitches 2.00"W X 1.69"H 3649 stitches 2.50"W X 2.10"H 4985 stitches .pes... more info
Rabbit Ears MiniRabbit Ears Mini

Rabbit Ears Mini

Embroidery Design Sizes 1.50"W X 1.26"H 2927 stitches 1.70"W X 1.43"H 3450 stitches 2.00"W X 1.67"H 4165 stitches 2.50"W X 1.79"H 6906 stitches .pes... more info
Sloth MiniSloth Mini

Sloth Mini

Embroidery Design Sizes 1.50"W X 1.11"H 2785 stitches 1.70"W X 1.27"H 3264 stitches 2.00"W X 1.49"H 4212 stitches 2.50"W X 1.87"H 6022 stitches .pes... more info
Whale MiniWhale Mini

Whale Mini

Embroidery Design Sizes 1.50"W X 1.02"H 1997 stitches 1.70"W X 1.34"H 2970 stitches 2.00"W X 1.34"H 2998 stitches 2.50"W X 1.65"H 4196 stitches .pes... more info


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