Machine embroidery design animals. EmbroidDesigns carries a variety of animals for your stitching needs.

Fox Mini

Embroidery Design Sizes 1.06""W X 1.20""H 2248 stitches 1.50""W X 1.70""H 3744 stitches 1.95""W X 2.20""H 5613 stitches 2.21""W X 2.50""H 6870... more info

Little Elephant Mini

Embroidery Design Sizes 1.50""W X 1.39""H 2973 stitches 1.70""W X 1.57""H 3531 stitches 2.00""W X 1.85""H 4565 stitches 2.50""W X 2.32""H 6341... more info

Love and a Cat

Embroidery Design Sizes 3.49"W X 3.70"H 10917 stitches 3.78"W X 4.00"H 11830 stitches 4.26"W X 4.50"H 14024 stitches 4.74"W X 5.00"H 15693 stitches... more info

Mini Elephant

Embroidery Design Sizes 1.50""W X 1.30""H 2937 stitches 1.70""W X 1.48""H 3451 stitches 2.00""W X 1.74""H 4399 stitches 2.50""W X 2.18""H 6152... more info

Mini Rabbit Face

Embroidery Design Sizes 1.50"W X 1.27"H 2475 stitches 1.70"W X 1.44"H 2914 stitches 2.00"W X 1.69"H 3649 stitches 2.50"W X 2.10"H 4985 stitches .pes... more info

Rabbit Ears Mini

Embroidery Design Sizes 1.50"W X 1.26"H 2927 stitches 1.70"W X 1.43"H 3450 stitches 2.00"W X 1.67"H 4165 stitches 2.50"W X 1.79"H 6906 stitches .pes... more info

Sloth Mini

Embroidery Design Sizes 1.50"W X 1.11"H 2785 stitches 1.70"W X 1.27"H 3264 stitches 2.00"W X 1.49"H 4212 stitches 2.50"W X 1.87"H 6022 stitches .pes... more info


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