Filled Stitch

Our collection of filled stitch embroidery designs.

ATV Side by Side

Embroidery Design Sizes 3.50""W X 2.82""H 16198 stitches 3.70""W X 2.98""H 17237 stitches 4.00""W X 3.22""H 19008 stitches 4.50""W X 3.62""H 22205... more info

Baby chick

Embroidery Design Sizes 1.50""W X 1.46""H 2669 stitches 1.70""W X 1.66""H 3246 stitches 2.00""W X 1.95""H 4069 stitches 2.50""W X 2.44""H 5875... more info

Basketball Mini

Embroidery Design Sizes 1.00"W X 1.00"H 1299 stitches 1.50"W X 1.50"H 2611 stitches 1.70"W X 1.70"H 3262 stitches 2.00"W X 2.00"H 4317 stitches... more info

Billy goat

Embroidery Design Sizes 2.64"W X 3.00"H 10363 stitches 3.24"W X 3.70"H 13835 stitches 3.74"W X 4.25"H 16979 stitches 4.17"W X 4.75"H 7610 stitches... more info

Colorful giraffes

Embroidery Design Sizes 3.54"W X 3.50"H 11634 stitches 4.04"W X 4.00"H 13977 stitches 4.55"W X 4.50"H 16487 stitches 4.75"W X 4.70"H 17459 stitches... more info

Cowboy boot mini

Embroidery Design Sizes 1.10"W X 1.50"H 1849 stitches 1.24"W X 1.70"H 2275 stitches 1.46"W X 2.00"H 2919 stitches 1.83"W X 2.50"H 4231 stitches... more info

Cowboy hat mini

Embroidery Design Sizes 1.50""W X 0.86""H 2155 stitches 1.70""W X 0.97""H 2547 stitches 2.00""W X 1.14""H 3181 stitches 2.50""W X 1.42""H 4500... more info

Cupcake Mini

Embroidery Design Sizes 1.40""W X 1.50""H 3717 stitches 1.58""W X 1.70""H 4368 stitches 1.86""W X 2.00""H 5711 stitches 2.33""W X 2.50""H 8328... more info

Cute giraffe face

Embroidery Design Sizes 2.50""W X 2.38""H 8667 stitches 3.00""W X 2.85""H 11293 stitches 3.50""W X 3.34""H 14129 stitches 4.00""W X 3.81""H 17355... more info

Don't ruffle my feathers

Embroidery Design Sizes 3.70"W X 2.70"H 11347 stitches 4.00"W X 2.93"H 12290 stitches 4.50"W X 3.30"H 14062 stitches 5.00"W X 3.67"H 16134 stitches... more info

Duck family

Embroidery Design Sizes 3.00"W X 2.41"H 5419 stitches 3.50"W X 2.81"H 6739 stitches 4.00"W X 3.21"H 8186 stitches 4.50"W X 3.61"H 9854 stitches... more info

Flamingo with drink

Embroidery Design Sizes 2.52""W X 3.50""H 5423 stitches 2.67""W X 3.70""H 5836 stitches 2.88""W X 4.00""H 6516 stitches 3.25""W X 4.50""H 8032... more info

Four leaf clover

Embroidery Design Sizes .61"W X .76"H 593 stitches .94"W X 1.20"H 1127 stitches 1.32"W X 1.70"H 1989 stitches .pes .hus .exp .jef .vip .vp3 .xxx .dst more info

Fox mini

Embroidery Design Sizes 1.06""W X 1.20""H 2248 stitches 1.50""W X 1.70""H 3744 stitches 1.95""W X 2.20""H 5613 stitches 2.21""W X 2.50""H 6870... more info

Frog prince

Embroidery Design Sizes 2.44""W X 3.00""H 11651 stitches 2.84""W X 3.50""H 14587 stitches 3.25""W X 4.00""H 17680 stitches 3.65""W X 4.50""H 21449... more info

Garden chicken

Embroidery Design Sizes 3.47""W X 3.70""H 15578 stitches 3.75""W X 4.00""H 17370 stitches 4.22""W X 4.50""H 20639 stitches 4.69""W X 5.00""H 24094... more info

Gator Girl

Embroidery Design Sizes 3.50""W X 1.69""H 7490 stitches 4.00""W X 1.94""H 9123 stitches 4.50""W X 2.17""H 10880 stitches 5.00""W X 2.41""H 12801... more info

Hummingbird silhouette

Embroidery Design Sizes 3.34"W X 3.70"H 5766 stitches 3.61"W X 4.00"H 6284 stitches 4.06"W X 4.50"H 7205 stitches 4.70"W X 5.21"H 8339 stitches... more info

Kitchen Utensils

Embroidery Design Sizes 3.70"W X 2.87"H 13713 stitches 4.24"W X 3.28"H 16798 stitches 5.00"W X 3.86"H 21637 stitches 6.10"W X 4.70"H 29679 stitches... more info

Kitchen Utensils 2

Embroidery Design Sizes 3.70"W X 3.31"H 15281 stitches 4.25"W X 3.81"H 18601 stitches 5.25"W X 4.70"H 26640 stitches 7.70"W X 6.88"H 47864 stitches... more info


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