Embroidery designs with things, objects, sayings and more that have to do with the fall season.

Autumn pumpkin applique

Embroidery design sizes 3.14""W X 3.50""H 5033 stitches 3.32""W X 3.70""H 5271 stitches 3.59""W X 4.00""H 5684 stitches 4.03""W X 4.50""H 6358... more info

Fall breeze

Embroidery design sizes 3.50""W X 2.88""H 10862 stitches 3.70""W X 3.05""H 11454 stitches 4.00""W X 3.30""H 12230 stitches 4.50""W X 3.71""H 13864... more info

Fall pumpkin

Embroidery design sizes 2.00""W X 1.91""H 6849 stitches 2.50""W X 2.39""H 9322 stitches 3.00""W X 2.87""H 12278 stitches 3.50""W X 3.35""H 15714... more info

Fall pumpkin applique

Embroidery design sizes 3.00""W X 2.83""H 6639 stitches 3.50""W X 3.31""H 7683 stitches 4.00""W X 3.79""H 8681 stitches 4.50""W X 4.27""H 9802... more info

First fall

Embroidery design sizes 3.36"W X 3.50"H 12149 stitches 3.55"W X 3.70"H 12889 stitches 3.84"W X 4.00"H 14327 stitches 4.32"W X 4.50"H 16647 stitches... more info

First fall applique

Embroidery design sizes 3.56""W X 3.70""H 10427 stitches 3.85""W X 4.00""H 11178 stitches 4.33""W X 4.50""H 12622 stitches 4.80""W X 5.00""H 14009... more info

Give thanks pumpkin applique

Embroidery design sizes 3.70”W X 3.51”H 9976 stitches 4.00”W X 3.80”H 10782 stitches 4.50”W X 4.27”H 12138 stitches 5.00”W X 4.74”H... more info

Grandmas little pumpkin

Embroidery design sizes 3.50""W X 3.37""H 12842 stitches 3.70""W X 3.56""H 13720 stitches 4.00""W X 3.85""H 15335 stitches 4.50""W X 4.34""H 17393... more info

Grandmas little pumpkin applique

Embroidery design sizes 3.50""W X 3.37""H 9433 stitches 3.70""W X 3.56""H 9908 stitches 4.00""W X 3.85""H 10886 stitches 4.50""W X 4.34""H 11773... more info

Mini pumpkin

Embroidery design sizes 0.98""W X 1.00""H 1053 stitches 1.46""W X 1.50""H 1527 stitches 1.94""W X 2.00""H 2035 stitches .pes .hus .exp .jef .vip .vp3... more info

Pumpkin applique

Embroidery design sizes 3.50""W X 2.80""H 3946 stitches 3.70""W X 2.96""H 4162 stitches 4.00""W X 3.20""H 4457 stitches 4.50""W X 3.60""H 4954... more info

Pumpkin chunkin diva

Embroidery design sizes 3.28""W X 3.50""H 13375 stitches 3.47""W X 3.70""H 14080 stitches 3.75""W X 4.00""H 15388 stitches 4.22""W X 4.50""H 17478... more info

Pumpkin kisses

Embroidery design sizes 3.70""W X 3.10""H 14738 stitches 4.00""W X 3.35""H 15845 stitches 4.50""W X 3.77""H 17829 stitches 5.00""W X 4.19""H 20005... more info

Pumpkin Wagon

Embroidery design sizes 2.50""W X 2.11""H 7624 stitches 3.00""W X 2.53""H 9469 stitches 3.50""W X 2.96""H 11447 stitches 4.00""W X 3.39""H 13748... more info

Scarecrow face

Embroidery design sizes 2.09""W X 2.50""H 8961 stitches 2.51""W X 3.00""H 11530 stitches 2.93""W X 3.50""H 14528 stitches 3.36""W X 4.00""H 17758... more info

Silliest pumpkin in the patch

Embroidery design sizes 3.70""W X 3.07""H 12916 stitches 4.00""W X 3.31""H 13983 stitches 4.50""W X 3.72""H 15751 stitches 5.00""W X 4.14""H 17669... more info

Sweater weather

Embroidery design sizes 3.50""W X 3.26""H 12521 stitches 3.70""W X 3.45""H 13287 stitches 4.00""W X 3.73""H 14150 stitches 4.50""W X 4.20""H 16471... more info


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